Metal Works Customers to Benefit from Software Investment

The Metal Works has just invested in SolidWorks software – what does this mean for our customers?

SolidWorks offers complete 3D software tools that let us create, simulate, publish and manage design projects. The tools help us to design products for our customers better, faster and more cost-effectively. They allow us to take advantage of 3D and bring a design to life.

For our customers, the visual benefits of SolidWorks are a plus when it comes to projects. We can give our customers a life-like representation of what their project will look like when complete. This can really help the decision-making process when it comes to commissioning.

Reduces Time

SolidWorks will help us accelerate the design process, reduce the time and effort to achieve desired geometry, increase modelling flexibility and easily access commands.

SolidWorks software is widely used among customers and suppliers, and we hope the software will allow us to make major advances in the areas of design, appearance and finish of fabrication. By using the software, we’ll be able to see where we can reduce materials without losing stability and our designers will be able to test 3D models directly without needing to outsource – again, cutting costs for our customers.

Using the software will allow us to reuse existing designs to create custom-made projects. We’ll be able to try out different “what if” configurations, looking at what tweaks to the design can create. We will be able to design sheet metal parts accurately, without having to machine them first. Our designers can create the models and SolidWorks makes the drawings, allowing us to conserve our technical resources. The software will allow us to identify potential problems and resolve them in the early part of the process.

Communication Tool

We’ll also be able to use the software to market and communicate with customers.

SolidWorks complements our existing work and customers service ethos. The Metal Works produces robust, weather-resistant and all-round great products. We work closely with customers to produce innovative solutions, specialising in: free-issue fabrication; stainless steel, aluminium and mild steel; CNC machining; MIG and TIG welding; and general fabrication.

We have always tried our best to remain at the forefront of research, design and technology. Investment in software such as SolidWorks reinforces that commitment to industry excellence.

If you would like to find out more about the work we do and what we can offer you, please contact us here, or phone 01952 292271.