CNC Machining and Much More

The Metal Works is a premier fabrication facility specialising in general fabrication and free issue fabrication. With in house skill, experience and knowledge, we are often the go-to fabrication partner in most scenarios.

CNC capabilities are a forte at The Metal Works and with state of the art CNC machinery, we can manufacture precision components using stainless steel, mild steel, aluminium and plastic.

Within the 11,000 sq ft factory, we also have the following capabilities.

• Press Brakes for folding up to 2.5m with 80tons

• Guillotine for 0.2mm shearing of material up to 2.5 metres and 6mm

• MIG + TIG welding facilities for steel, stainless steel or aluminium

• Tube bending

• Tube finishing

• Various saws for any thickness or angle required

Additional services can be provided through our extensive network of approved partners, including:

• Powder coating

• Galvanising

• Anodising

• Laser cutting

To find out more about capacity and how we can help you, contact Stuart today;