About Us

We would much rather learn about your needs than talk about what makes The Metal Works so great, but if you insist, here is why we are the future of fabrication.

Innovation: the challenges on the construction industry include reducing carbon footprints, keeping up with demand, working faster, smarter and more efficiently, all for low margins. The products we innovate are designed to overcome all of these challenges. In short, our products are cost effective, reduce carbon footprint and are time efficient. Of course they come with all of the bells and whistles of being robust, weather resistant and all round great products.

Free Issue Fabrication: we understand the challenges of meeting customer demand when you are busy- as such, we specialise in free issue fabrication

Extensive Skills: constantly expanding our skill base, we now have capacity for  CNC Machining, MIG & TIG Welding and work with stainless steel, aluminium and mild steel. This is an area of the business we are looking to grow on-going to meet demand throughout the industry.

Assurances: The Metal Works is health & safety compliant, quality assured through ISO 9001 and CE marking is in place throughout the fabrication.

Here is a video to tell you more about what we do but feel free to contact us if you would like to find out more.